Read this section if nothing else!

Using WordPress is an easy and inexpensive way to create a website. Of course ‘easy’ and ‘inexpensive’ are relative terms so to understand more read the detailed articles that follow.

WordPress is available in two forms.

1. The first as open source software which can be loaded to a server and built on, with few limitations, which is the paid for service I offer. If you want more than just bare bones my services may be cheaper and better, but I would say that! Oh, I do give as much personal attention and help as you need, which you may not get elsewhere.

2. Second as a complete web creation service where you sign up for little or no cost and are let loose into a controlled and fairly easy to use environment, with limitations. Pay more and the limitations can be lifted, a little!

To start I can register a domain for you (following discussion and advice), and I will set up web hosting for you and install WordPress. I do the basic setting up and handle all the technical stuff. If you can supply some text and images to get things going I’ll use these to get the website looking something like you want it. Then you can either take over yourself, with help and instruction from me, or we can agree a plan for me to maintain your site on an ongoing basis, or something in between.

WordPress keeps the design and layout of your site separate from the content. By applying Themes you can change the way your site looks without changing the content. There are thousands to choose from. 

By adding Plugins you can add extra capabilities to your website, such as an online shop, interactive maps, booking systems, galleries, response forms, etc. Again there are thousands.

To work on your website you’ll need to log in – see instructions following this section.

To add or adjust content see the section after that.