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A guide to creating websites

WordPress in 30 minutes

If we are providing you with a WordPress site, you don’t need to read this, although it may help you understand terms like web hosting and the difference between freely hosted sites and the paid for service which we offer.

Setting up a WordPress site

WordPress is well documented and there are numerous resources on the internet which can help you. If you want to explore these start here However, you don’t need to download anything to be able to use WordPress.

WordPress hosting

Every website needs to be ‘hosted’ – that is, the various files which make up the content of a website need to reside on a special computer called a web server. This applies equally to WordPress blogs. It’s not practical to do this on your home computer.

Two ways to get a WordPress site

  1. By going to you can sign up to a blog hosted on servers. Whilst its quick, easy and free, there are some disadvantages to this. These include restrictions on themes and plugins which lead to restrictions on customization and functionality and restrictions on what you can use your site for.. You may have to have advertising on your site and you will not be able to use your own domain name. More about this HERE.
  2. Alternatively, WordPress software can be downloaded from for free and installed on a web hosting service of your choice. Unless you are fairly technically proficient its not worth trying to do this yourself, but if you are determined START HERE. Otherwise let us do it for you! We provide suitable web hosting, install the software and customize it for you. We tend to know, through experience, which are the best themes and plugins, out of a choice of thousands. You can use your own domain and we will work with you to get the look and functionality you want. We hold your hand every step of the way and give help whenever you need it.