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WordPress in 30 minutes

Video clips can be displayed in your WordPress posts or pages.

Adding video to your pages and posts

If you want to add video to your pages or posts it’s best to use video from a streaming service like YouTube. Although you can upload your own video clips to your website, your webserver is not designed to serve video and will not give a good user experience. To upload your own video to YouTube you just need to sign up for a free account.

To use video from YouTube:

Locate the video clip on YouTube and click the ‘Share’ button.


This expands a panel below. You must now choose either to ‘link‘ the video, or ‘embed‘ it.

To link

Copy the whole of the link text which begins http://

In WordPress edit mode place your cursor where you’d like the link. You can either paste the link text here or more usefully type some meaningful link text
eg Click here to see video

Then select this text and click the link button


A window will pop up where you should paste the URL text copied from YouTube:


It’s also good to enter some meaningful/descriptive text into the title space – this will help with your ranking on search engines. Save your editing and view. This just gives you a clickable link. If you want something a bit more eye catching:


This is how an embedded video will appear – with a start button in the centre.


As above click the ‘Share’ button but this time click the ’embed’ tab.

This reveals a window with some html coded text in it – beginning with ‘<iframe’. Copy ALL of this.


Back in the WordPress edit window you need to paste this BUT before doing so switch to the Text view – tab top right of editing window.


This shows you what’s ‘under the covers’ and lets you enter text with HTML code in it. Switch back to ‘Visual’ mode and you’ll see a grey rectangle where the video clip will appear. Save your editing and view. You should see something similar to the above.

Working in Text view can be a bit confusing – especially if you have a lot of text on the page. This is a good reason for organising your website around short focussed ‘Posts’ rather than long pages.This will also speed up delivery of your poages.