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WordPress in 15 minutes


MEDIA LIBRARY: Every image you upload is added to your ‘Media Library‘ which you can access by clicking the ‘Media’ button on the main lefthand menu. To re-use an image just select it in your media library – you don’t need to upload it more than once. This will save time and space.

Adding images to your pages and posts

Adding images to pages or posts is easy, whether they are photos, logos, diagrams or other graphic elements. These will need to be saved as jpegs, gifs or pngs and must have the correct file extension e.g. .jpg .jpeg .gif or .png

The process is identical¬†for pages or posts. When editing, insert the cursor in your text close to where you would like the image to appear. (You can’t insert an image into a heading, only into the body of your page or post). Locate the ‘Add Media‘ button.


This gives you the choice of inserting an image which is already uploaded to your media library, or by clicking the tab at the top to ‘Upload files’. If you opt to upload you can either drag files into the designated area or click the button to navigate to where the files are on your computer. Select file(s) and click ‘upload’.

Once uploaded the file will appear in your media library and should be selected with a tick. Click the button bottom right ‘Insert into post’ and you’ll be taken back to your editing window, with the image inserted.

If you click the image two icons will appear top left – these allow you to edit the image or remove it completely. Editing enables you to select a different size and to specify where on the page the image should appear in relation to the text. This only displays properly if you click the ‘Update’ button – top right, and view the page as a visitor would (there’s a handy ‘View page’ button near the top.) You can also add a caption, by typing into the space provided.

You can flip backwards and forwards, editing and viewing, which will keep you in touch with how the final result will look.