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A guide to creating websites

WordPress in 30 minutes

The Dashboard is where you add and update the content of your site.

This page shows you how to log in, and once you’ve done this the Dashboard link in the top left corner will always bring you back to the dashboard home page.

The Dashboard

To find your dashboard add /wp-admin to your website URL in the browser address bar and hit return.

address bar

(replace with your actual domain name)

This will bring up the login screen as shown below where you should enter your¬†Username and Password. If you are the only person with access to your computer you may decide it’s safe to tick the ‘Remember me’ box which saves you entering your details in future.


You should now be logged into your Dashboard – below shows the top lefthand side of this screen.


The menu is on the left and the items here you are most likely to deal with are Postsand Pages. By clicking on either of these you can see a list of what’s already there and edit existing pages/posts or add new ones.

NOTE: The view you see of your own Dashboard may appear simpler than the above, depending on your status. Editor status for instance still lets you edit the content of Pages and Posts but hides some of the other options from you.