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A guide to creating websites

WordPress in 30 minutes

This page explains why WordPress is a good choice for creating a website.

WordPress concepts

WordPress setup

The Dashboard

How to edit Pages and Posts

Add images to Pages and Posts

Add video to Pages and Posts

About WordPress sites

WordPress is open source software originally developed for blogging (creating an online diary). The basic software can be extended with ‘Themes‘ to change the look and ‘Plugins‘ which add extra functions. One of, if not THE, most popular for blogs.

You don’t need anything other than a web browser such as Explorer or Safari to use WordPress. The software mentioned is installed elsewhere.

In recent years WordPress and its components have been intensively developed, to the extent that they can now be used to create almost any type of website.

Plus points:

  • Highly developed and easy to use ‘Dashboard‘ – where you log in via a password to update your website.
  • Quick to set up a new website
  • Cusomizable via Themes and adjustments so you can get something that looks the way you want
  • Extra functionality can easily be added via plugins, from calendars to online shops
  • Cheap way of creating a website you can update yourself (content managed)
  • Well thought out, highly developed and stable software
  • Lots of documentation and help on the internet.

Minus points:

  • If you have a very specific design in mind and are not prepared to compromise, customisation can be lengthy and expensive.
  • If you want very specialised features it may not be the most efficient way.
  • In trying to be all things to all men (or women) the code it produces is quite complex and can run slowly. There are various fixes which can speed things up but for a heavyweight site you may have to look at specialised web hosting which costs more.

The alternative is a website designed from the ground up to do exactly what you want (we are specialists in this type of site too).