Whether your history group is starting from scratch, or has an existing archive of material I can help you. My structured and innovative websites create a comprehensive online archive for local history following recommended standards. At the same time we can use this to make engaging and immersive web pages.

The problem is organising a wealth of material to make it accessible and useful for research. Working closely with local history groups I’ve evolved a framework which can adapt to common problems which history groups face.

  • By using the cataloguing guidelines developed by the Community Archives and Heritage Group, your local history archive will be comprehensive, detailed and compatible.
  • Written and printed documents, pamphlets and books, photographs both printed and digital, audio recordings, tangible items can all be dealt with.
  • Sites are based on WordPress which is commonly available technology.
  • Custom designed modules give your website all the features you need plus a look that is unique to your organisation.
  • Powerful search facilities give easy access to the archive database, and can reference the text of PDFs, the EXIF data of digital images, and other documents.
  • Good design ensures your site will look attractive. Clever programming follows the latest responsive standards for use on all devices.