Creating and editing pages and posts is the main way of adding content to your website. The process is very similar for both – this page shows you how.

Editing pages and posts

Remember Posts are chunks of information, like diary entries, which accumulate sequentially on a single page whereas Pages are separate units. The important thing to remember is that blog posts automatically accumulate on a blog or news page and cannot be edited by going to that page, because they are not really there. You need to find the list of posts via the Dashboard, then select the particular post you want to edit.

In theory you can have any number of posts or pages. Posts are automatically organised for you, as are pages to some extent, but you’ll need to understand the menu navigation system before you can manage access to a large number of pages. When you click on the Dashboard link to either of these you’ll first see a list of already existing Pages or Posts.

Below is a view of the Page list.

And below the Post list – as far as editing goes they behave in much the same way.

When you mouse over one of the titles the options ‘Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View’ appear. Edit gives you full access to the content of your page – ie the Title and Body, plus a few other things. Quick edit just allows you to set things that affect your page/post – more on this later.